Descargar recibo de luz oaxaca

Descargar recibo de luz oaxaca

Water bill

The electricity bill includes a breakdown of the items that CFE users must pay for the supply of electricity. We explain the content of your 2021 electricity bill and how to understand your domestic rate.
The CFE electric bill contains the same concepts and characteristics for all domestic users. To understand your electric bill it is necessary to make a breakdown of the elements included in the bill:
The electric bill consists of a single sheet of paper with information printed in color on the front and back of both pages. You will receive a monthly or bimonthly bill at your home, depending on your electricity contract, from the Federal Electricity Commission (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) with the details of your electricity consumption.
It is important to know the items on your electric bill because it can help you save energy and reduce your bill. The following is a list of the different sections of the CFE electricity bill.
It is located on the upper right hand side of the first page of the CFE bill. It specifies the total rounded amount to be paid in Mexican pesos for the period billed for the electric service.

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Proof of address

As most of us know, when we talk about the CFE, we are referring to a company dedicated mainly to the management and commercialization of the electric energy service in our country, and it is considered a company belonging to the Mexican government.
Once we have seen in broad strokes what the CFE is and what it does, it is time to start talking about the issues that really interest us as users of the electric service, it is time to talk about our
The first thing that is important to be clear about as users of the service provided by the CFE, is that it is our obligation to verify that the CFE is giving us the service with the type of voltage we need according to the service we have requested and for which we will pay punctually as it is also our obligation.
It is also very important to make sure that duly identified CFE employees go to the address we have provided, that is, the one where the service is to be provided, to perform the necessary installations and connections, as well as to perform the corresponding readings when necessary, or to make the required repairs.

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Cfe, supplier of basic services payments

Another easy way to pay your electric bill is through the CFE’s automatic teller machines. You should go to the nearest customer service center that has a CFEMático ATM. You can pay your CFE bill in two ways:
Keep in mind that… The payment of the electricity bill in banks or establishments may generate a commission. The amount is approximately $10 pesos and is determined by the institution where you need to pay your bill.
The most convenient way to pay your CFE bill is by direct debit to any credit or debit card. In this way, an automatic charge will be made to your bank account one day before the due date shown on your electric bill. You can do this through the CFE web portal or through the CFEContigo App.

Where to pay for electricity near me

Tools such as the Internet have made it easier to perform tasks that used to take up a lot of people’s time. To consult and pay your electric bill online is an option, just follow a simple procedure to perform this function without having to go directly to the offices of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), just by having a digital device with Internet access it is possible to pay your electric bill online. In addition to saving time in traveling, if you accept to purchase your electricity bill through email, you will save a little extra money.
The CFE recommends users to always make sure that the websites they visit for their payments maintain the corresponding security and are subscribed to the list of online payment methods that the CFE of Mexico has.  More information in our Savings and Tips sections.

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