Imprecion de recibo de luz

Imprecion de recibo de luz

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As most of us know, when we talk about the CFE, we are referring to a company dedicated mainly to the management and commercialization of the electric energy service in our country, and it is considered a company belonging to the Mexican government.
Once we have seen in broad strokes what the CFE is and what it does, it is time to start talking about the issues that really interest us as users of the electric service, it is time to talk about our
The first thing that is important to be clear about as users of the service provided by the CFE, is that it is our obligation to verify that the CFE is giving us the service with the type of voltage we need according to the service we have requested and for which we will pay punctually as it is also our obligation.
It is also very important to make sure that duly identified CFE employees go to the address we have provided, that is, the one where the service is to be provided, to perform the necessary installations and connections, as well as to perform the corresponding readings when necessary, or to make the required repairs.

cfe customer service

After saving the digital file in the download folder, now just save it for printing. To do this, open the document with a program that supports PDF files. In this program, go to the print section.
If Adobe Acrobat is installed on your computer, there will be another way to print to PDF. This option is perfect for users who use Windows 7-8, because none of these operating systems have a pre-installed PDF printer. There is a free trial version for those who want to print for free.
By default, cell phones with Android operating system have some applications preinstalled to print any document or web page that we open from any application in PDF format.
When we want to convert a document or save a web page or website as PDF, we simply go to the “Share” option, select “Print”, and then select “Save as PDF” under “Select Printer”.
Your printer is not connected or configured: One of the most common errors is that the printer is not properly connected or linked to the computer or device where the document is located. Another possibility is that the printer software is not installed correctly, so the printer cannot be recognized.

paying electricity bills

The need to avoid personal contact is causing more and more citizens to join the trend of taking advantage of new technologies to carry out everyday procedures such as paying bills for supplies that reach the home.
This is the situation that has been happening for several months with regard to the Mexican electricity service, which depends directly on the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), a government company that is responsible not only for the distribution of electricity but also for everything that has to do with its management.
Reality forces to change habits and that is why the CFE has reinforced the equipment it makes available to citizens to meet the strong increase in demand, especially for the 3 most used procedures to print, download or pay the electricity bill.
The first of the reinforced procedures refers to the procedure for the online payment of the electricity bill. A process that is carried out from the computer, following the steps indicated through the official website of the Federal Electricity Commission. © 2020

In some occasions we need the printed electric bill, since we use it mostly as proof of address. That is why this time we are going to see how to print a cfe electric bill step by step.
There are basically two ways to get the cfe electric bill. One of them is to view an unregistered electric bill and then download and print it. The second way is to register in the cfe portal, an advantage of this is that from here we can pay the electric bill.
You will receive an email with a link to confirm your account, once confirmed, you have to log in. Click on the “Online Payment” option on the right, then click on the “New” button and register a receipt with the following data:
A compressed file with the name will be downloaded to your computer, inside it will be the cfe receipt ready to print. To print your receipt you only have to open it with adobe reader or with the browser and send it to your printer.

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